Accessories and Options

ProMation has many options available including proportional control, torque switches, cold weather kits, local control stations, and 3 phase actuator options. Not all options work with all actuators and not all combinations of accessories or options are possible.

Please call for assistance in selecting accessories or options: 352-544-8436

Options Description
Auxiliary Switches Two additonal auxiliary switches can be added. Useful for signaling actuator position.
Chain Wheels Modification to Manual Override to accommodate a chain wheel for overhead mounting.
Cold Weather Option Extends Operation of actuators to -40°C / -40°F. Additional heaters are energized at O°C / 32°F and turned off at 16°C / 50°F.
Extended Duty Motor Motor option that increases duty cycle of On/Off AC actuators to 75% duty cycle for P2-P8 actuators or to 50% duty cycle for P9-P13 actuators.
Linear Link Set Custom designed linkage to mount linear actuators to control valves.
Local Control Station ProMation LCSs are designed to be remotely located or directly mounted to the actuator and provide an array of controls and displays of functions being performed.
Output Drive Inserts A full set of output inserts that fit into ProMation Engineering quarter-turn and spring return actuators to adapt to different valve stems.
Position Feedback Both potentiometric and control signal (4-20mA) feedback options for on off actuators as well as additional feedback for proportional actuators.
Power Backup Unit The Power Backup Unit (PBU) is a failsafe battery housed in a separate enclosure that will operate the actuator in case of power failure.
Proportional Control Options ProMation Engineering offers several proportional controller options, including field programmable control options, data logging, Modbus and Profibus communications and field conversions from On/Off to Proportional Control.
Three Phase Control For use with a 230, 315, 380, 440, 480, or 575 volt 3 phase 50 or 60 Hz power supply.
Torque Switch Torque Switch Option
Wireless Transmitter Wireless control of On/Off actuators from up to 1000 feet away.
Quarter Turn Timer Timers can be added to the motor drive to increase the rotation (cycle time) of the actuator.
Rotation Modification The rotation can be increased to 180 degrees with optional stops between 0 and 180 degrees.
Single Wire Control Convert ProMation On/Off quarter-turn actuators to Relay Open (RO) or Relay Closed (RC) operation.